Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

Our curriculum at Oasis Academy Watermead is rich and vibrant taught through cross curricular themes and projects.

We prioritise teaching the basic skills of numeracy, literacy and phonics in a well-structured way which includes speech and language programmes tailored to the needs of the individual children, which forms the basis of our morning work in the academy.

Developing a love of reading is central to our curriculum design and each theme often has a quality well-loved book or story at the heart of it, and our phonics lessons are taught on a daily basis.

We believe that all our children should be given the chance to experience things first hand in order to enable them to make real connections in their learning.

We are rapidly developing strong links within the community and local area to allow for these opportunities as part of everyday learning, with a focus on outdoor learning.

We ensure that Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual experiences thread through all our curriculum themes and that they are integral to our everyday teaching. We promote British values through our enhanced curriculum and also through whole school assemblies, being guided by the  Oasis values which permeate academy life. RE is taught both discretely and thematically with the aim of the children knowing ‘Who I am, Who am I becoming and Who will I be.’

All children have timetabled PE sessions each week to cover the National Curriculum aspects of dance, gymnastics, games and outdoor activities. A healthy lifestyle is promoted through PE and linked with other curriculum areas. The Academy has a number of options to teach PE; the school hall is well equipped with apparatus and the purpose built dance studio with interactive equipment allows for a truly creative approach, we also have a wide opportunity for using our outside spaces. Alongside this the children have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs including football and cheerleading. A selection of clubs operate at different times throughout the year.

ICT is an integral part of everyday teaching and is used as a critical learning tool in every aspect of our curriculum. The children have daily access to interactive white boards and ipads for research purposes and to enhance their learning.

We value the uniqueness of every child and through our curriculum promote a respect for an ever increasing diverse culture. We include learning opportunities which come from the child’s interests and what is happening in the World around them; we believe this will prepare them well for life in the future as respectful citizens. 

If you are a parent and would like to know more about our curriculum, please see our curriculum maps link or contact our curriculum leader, Mr Dawson via the main school office.