Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

Curriculum Intent

In line with Oasis’ Education Charter, the curriculum is the heart of our academy’s educational provision. Through this - and our commitment to an exceptional climate for learning and great pedagogy - we make focused learning the foundation of every lesson. We have designed our curriculum to meet the needs of all, striving for personal as well as academic and vocational excellence. Through our curriculum we will achieve outcomes that drive social mobility and give everyone freedom of choice throughout their lives.

The Oasis ethos, our Academy Values and 9 Habits are a foundation stone to the design and delivery of our curriculum. We know that the development of character doesn’t happen by chance but by purpose and intention: it is therefore an explicit part of our curriculum. We therefore work hard at preparing our students to be the best version of themselves not just for today but for their futures too.

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure our young people thrive, achieve and flourish. It enables them to understand what it is to be human and equips them for life so that they become kind and model citizens. Our curriculum not only develops our young people academically but socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and spiritually.

Whilst our knowledge-rich curriculum is designed to ensure the very best academic outcomes for our young people using the latest research in how the brain and memory works, it is about so much more than simply securing great results. It is about our academy’s determination to achieve excellence with equity and integrity: where we bring advantage to the disadvantaged, where barriers to learning are successfully overcome and there are no limits to the achievement and ambition for all.

At Oasis Academy Watermead, we are committed to equality. In our Academy, this will mean that all learners, whatever their background, starting point and life experience, develop a strong grasp of the key learning skills, attitudes and knowledge they need to be successful. We are committed to the academic and personal development of all children and maintain high aspirations for all learners, including our most vulnerable learners and those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We are dedicated to narrowing the attainment gap between learners with identified SEND needs and non-SEND learners, removing the disadvantage gap.

This will be delivered through the crafted experiences of a stimulating, broad and balanced context-based curriculum that is not restricted to just skills and knowledge for Reading, Writing and Maths. We focus on the development of a love of literature placing high quality texts at the centre of our curriculum through a tailored programme of vocabulary acquisition and oracy development. We ensure our learners develop the language they need to be successful and articulate.

As part of our broad and balanced curriculum development all Academy curriculum leaders have clear visions for their subject as articulated in the Oasis Academy Watermead curriculum intents.

Our commitment to providing learners with a wide range of extra-curricular experiences and activities will add depth and breadth to our provision and allow our learners to further develop their skills, talents and passions outside of the formal curriculum

If you are a parent and would like to know more about our curriculum, please see our curriculum maps link or contact our curriculum leader, Mr Dawson via the main school office.