Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Care

We know that each of our young people will face different challenges as they grow up, be that academically, socially, emotionally or developmentally, therefore we want to do everything we can to help them through whatever life throws their way. For this purpose we have set up a comprehensive pastoral care system, designed to support students in all aspects of school life.

These include:

  • Building relationships with peers
  • Rewards for positive behavior
  • Rewards for attendance and punctuality
  • Partnerships with external organisations for those more challenging problems

The team will support pupils and families with a wide range of needs on a daily basis.  When appropriate we are able to link families with a variety of external agency support; including Social Care, MAST and parenting support. All agencies including school are required to follow strict safeguarding processes which means that occasionally we may need to contact Social Care, either for advice or to share a concern.  

It is important to remember that this type of high level concern is very rare and in most cases social care would ask that school speak with parents first.  At Watermead we pride ourselves on the close partnership that we have with parents and generally speaking most day to day issues and low level concerns are dealt with promptly; and only very rarely do we need to escalate concerns within social care.

Anyone who is worried about a child’s welfare can contact any member of the pastoral team during normal school hours; alternatively you can contact Social Care and speak to a duty social worker who will be able to offer advice.  Their telephone number is: 01142734855

Additional information and advice is available by following the link below.

Prevention and Intervention

The Pastoral Team aim to provide support for all of our pupils and their families. We offer a safe place where individuals are valued, listened to and supported to overcome any barriers to learning.

Barriers to learning may be:

Negative emotions
Low self-confidence
Difficult family circumstances
Problems with friendships and relationships
Worries and concerns about transferring from one key stage to another particularly primary to secondary school
Worries about changes in their lives
Difficulties with organisation
Poor attendance

What the Pastoral team can offer:

Support for families to help manage difficulties in their lives.
Help to promote the importance of being a good friend and co-operating with others.
Strategies to improve self-esteem.
Motivating pupils to be successful and achieve.
Encouraging pupils to be self-sufficient and independent.
Provide a listening ear.
Produce a plan of action towards agreed goals.
Supporting pupils to organise their time at home and at school

The Pastoral Team can offer support through:

One to one mentoring sessions
Focused group sessions
Liaising with parents/carers and teachers to support pupil progress
Family liaison
Extra help with transition at all levels
Liaising with outside agencies
Supporting families within Core group, Child in Need meetings and case conferences

We work alongside pupils, parents and the class teacher, to offer extra support for your child; helping them to make the most of their time at school

Your Pastoral Care Team

  • Mrs N Smith-Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs L Singleton - Pastoral Manager and DDSL

  • Miss S Wilson - Academy Councillor for Child Protection & Safeguarding 

If you need to talk to a member of our Pastoral Team please call 0114 2016800
or call into the main reception to make an appointment.  In some circumstances an appointment may not be necessary and a member of the team may be able to see you straight away.