Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


50 things to do before you leave watermeadWe are thrilled to welcome your little one and your family to Oasis Academy Watermead. We are so excited for your Watermead journey to begin... Find out about 50 things you will do before you leave Watermead! 

Before your child turns three years of age, the nursery team will contact you and discuss your child starting nursery. Within our setting children start nursery the half term after their 3rd birthday. We offer phased transition into our nursery setting to support your child’s first steps into education.

Here is our admission process, please note that we have had to alter our admissions process to be compliant with Covid restrictions.

  1. A member of the nursery team will contact you before your child turns 3 years old. We will ask you to complete Admit forms, which can be collected from the school office.
  2. Families to return completed Admit forms to the school office.
  3. The nursery team will contact you to arrange a welcome telephone call or Zoom meeting, where we would love to meet and to hear all about your little one. We will also have the opportunity to discuss a start date.
  4. Through the post, we will send you a start date, Welcome to nursery booklet and a scrapbook.

Take a look around before you start!

We have created a short video tour of our nursery setting. We are sure that your little one will love looking at all the different areas within our nursery provision.

Watermead Ted

Watermead Ted loves coming to nursery to play, he also loves welcoming new children into our setting. Watermead Ted has created a scrapbook for your child with lots of fun activities inside! It would be lovely if you could complete the activities before your child starts nursery and bring it into nursery when your child starts. The scrapbook is a great way for your child to share information about your family. We will send you a scrapbook before your child starts nursery. 

Starting Nursery Information Booklet  Starting Nursery Presentation  Scrapbook


We look forward to welcoming yourself and your little one to nursery. Please remember to bring your completed scrapbook.