Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Meet the Oasis Watermead Family

Regional Director 
Emma Merva

Nichola Smith (Curriculum and Pedagogy Lead)

Deputy Principal 

Vacancy (Behaviour Lead and Computer Science Lead)Assistant Principals 

Megan Nutt (EYFS/KS1/Maths Lead)

Dawn Hudson (SEND)

Amy Vickers (Director of Inclusion & Strategic Safeguarding Lead)

Jason Walsh (KS2/English Lead)

Safeguarding Team

Director of Inclusion & Strategic Safeguarding Lead - Amy Vickers 

Pastoral Manager - Leigh Singleton

Senior Learning Mentor - Owen Haynes 

Attendance Officers - Vacancy and Naz Begum 

SENDCo and Assistant SENDCo

Dawn Hudson and Megan Nutt


Nursery - Helen Taylor

Nursery - Abi Lees (MFL Lead)

Reception - Charlotte Holmes

Reception - Harriet Shaw/Mrs Haywood

Year 1 - Charlotte Frost (ECT)

Year 1 - Olivia Reed (Personal Development Lead)

Year 2 - Megan Nutt (Maths Lead)

Year 2 - Katie Hill (Phonics and PE Lead)

Year 3 - Yasmin Sorour (Science Lead)

Year 3 - Kerry Hitchen (Geography Lead)

Year 4 - Tom Bardsley (History Lead)

Year 4 - Adam Parker (RE Lead)

Year 5 - Ellis Wharmsby (ECT)

Year 5 - Sian Wilson (ECT)

Year 6 - Jason Walsh (English Lead)

Year 6 - Luke Kimberley (Art Lead)

Year 6 - Jake Simon (Intervention Teacher)

Cover Teacher - Alex Knight 

Office Staff

Operations Manager - Amy Vickers

Office Manager/PA to Principal - Rachel Flather/Karis Machon 

Office Administrator - Casey Mullen (Apprentice)

Office Administrator - Bronwyn Brodie (Apprentice)

Teaching Support StaffAlex Broadhurst (Y6)

Rebecca Harrison (MAT Leave)

Kelly Knowles (Nursery)

Susan Ward (Y2)

Katie Wall (Y6)

Kelly Harrison (REC)

Sophie Glennon-Brown (Nursery)

Jessica Askwith (Y2)

Pharrell Grossett (Y4)

Leah Holmes (Y1)

Isobel Woods (Y5)

Nicole Taylor (Y3)

Kenzie Arnott (Y5)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Melanie Walker

Kayleigh Cooke

Facilities Manager

Scott Birds 


Amy Gough (MAT Leave)

Natalie Maile

Emma James

Annette Birds